09 September 2008

Parenting and Paternity Awareness

In the fall of 2008 this curriculum will be taught to all high school students in Texas. What is P.A.P.A?
The learning objectives of p.a.p.a. include: responsible parenting, a basic understanding of paternity and child support laws, skills for healthy relationships, financial implications of becoming a parent, impact of father involvement, benefits of stable family relationships on children, and relationship violence prevention. It should be noted that p.a.p.a. is not a sex education curriculum.

They teach children needed to know items. They learn how much child support cost, what diapers cost and all the hardships involved in having a child at such a young age. I think it is a great awareness tool to help give the kids the reality check they need before they engage in premarital activities.

It is about time they do something right.


mostly cajun said...

Yeah, like when you're seventeen, all full of hormones and the opportunity presents itself, you're gonna stop in the middle of undressing each other and say "Whao! You know how much DIAPERS cost?" and then get your clothes back on and play canasta?

Ray said...

If it keeps 1 girls from getting pregnant and a burden to me, the tax payer, i like it.

canivalpo said...

I agreewith Ray...do you know many little ladies are on medicaid in this country??!!
And who's paying for their romp in the back of momma's truck??

BabyG said...

I Agree With Mostly Cajun, No Kid Is Really Gonna Think. I Believe They Should Encourage Protected Sex Rather Than Just Straight Abstinence. Most Kids These Days Are Having Sex At A Young Age and The STD Rate In This COuntry Is Getting Higher As We Speak. Don't Tell Us That Sex Is Bad, Because We're Young...Not Stupid. Tell Us Sex Is Okay As Long As It's Protected...


Ray said...

Baby G, sex is not OK if you're not married. There is a 50% divorce rate in this country. 100% of all divorced couples had premaritial sex. Do the math since your so smart