27 September 2008

One tough year

When i joined the Knights of Columbus, i met a bunch of really nice guys and we quickly became friends. The Knights stick together and we hang out a lot together. One in particular is a fellow coonass transplanted here as well. Me and Eric hit it off and i have talked about him on this blog several times.

Well Eric had three hunting buddies. Darell, David and myself. About June of 07 Eric's oldest daughter got married so like good friends will do, we went to the wedding and got drunk and embarrassed ourselves and Eric's family. Good times were had by all. That evening Darell informed me that his wife had been diagnosed with cancer. Later that night i also learned that David's wife had been diagnosed with the same cancer. I was devastated.

Treatments began and Darell and David's lives began to change. September 28Th, Darell's wife succumb to the cancer and passed away. It was a sad day for all of us. In November, David's wife lost the battle and that was another sad day. January 29Th Ruth passed away and my life is no longer the same.

All three of Eric's hunting buddies lost their wives in a 4 month spread. Tomorrow marks 1 year for Darell. I know he is having trouble and i pray for him. We were talking the other day about how our lives are so different from a year ago. It is amazing at how your perspective changes when you loose your wife. I asked Darell if he has been out hunting with Eric. He said no. He asked if i had been, i said no. I can't afford the price to hunt with him. We had a good laugh.

Please keep Darell and David in your prayers as they labor through the 1 year period. This is significant because it means that all birthdays, holidays and anniversaries have been completed. Trust me, the first of these events are the hardest to get through.

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