10 September 2008

Burgers, fries and cherry pies

As you may have noticed i haven't been blogging lately. I simply haven't had the time. Monday i drove down to San Antonio and Tuesday morning we gave a presentation to one of our customers. I left San Antonio at 1300 and drove up North of Amarillo. 9.5 hours later i pulled into Borger.

As i was driving through San Angelo i looked down and noticed i was low on gas. I had already drove through town so i started looking for a gas station. I saw one and pulled in. I was out pumping gas when i noticed the name of the street i was on. It was Martin Luther King Blvd. You damn well know that every MLK Blvd is not in the best part of town. I pumped my gas and hauled ass.

On another note, i am happily supporting McCain/Palin. I am voting more for Palin than McCain. I actually feel much better about the republican ticket with her on it. She has done a great job in Alaska and hopefully she can be a positive influence in Washington. Just so you know, i'd hit that!!!

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canivalpo said...

Boo-Hoo quit whining like a girl and post something worth arguing about.
BTW, you were here on Tuesday and didn't even stop to say Happy Birthday??!!!
It was this Tuesday right?