15 July 2008

Sorry, i really don't care

I was at the local Poodles and Noodles for lunch today and they had CNN on. They were talking about the 21 year old Canadian Omar that was in Gitmo. You see, when Omar was 15 he was caught in Afghanistan shooting at American Soldiers. They snatched Omar up and took his narrow ass to Gitmo. Now Omar is complaining that he has been held without trial.

Now i am a bit of a hard ass when it comes to prisoners. I feel that they are where they belong. When an animal can not play nice in society, you lock them up. I have no beef with that.

Now you might think that there are a lot of innocent people in prison. I beg to differ. How come the police have never to come to get me for any crime committed in Odessa? Maybe because i am clean, don't associate with criminals and they don't have my prints or DNA from other criminal activities. If a convict is locked up but really didn't commit the crime he is accused off, check his rap sheet. If he has prior arrest, leave him there. If this is his first time, then maybe a mistake was made. I doubt it, but maybe.

I had a family member that was jailed probably with falsified evidence. They wanted him so they went after him. Now i didn't think that they proved their case very well but he got convicted. He had a criminal history and several crimes he was never caught on. I don't feel bad that he got locked up. He deserved it.

Back to Omar, he was in Afghanistan shooting at Americans. His ass don't need no trial. He was not arrested. He was captured. He is a prisoner of war. He doesn't have the rights that an American has. I say leave him there.

Water board his ass for all i care. Water board all of them. If it saves American lives, do what has to be done. I really don't care. I doubt if any American living in the South really cares either. It seems to be the bleeding heart liberals that think it is unfair. I say water board their ass until they get with the program.

That is all. This has been a public service announcement.

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Anonymous said...

In the words of that great theologian, Beretta: "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time."