23 July 2008

The snake and the migrain

The other day Morry calls me and ask if i knew where to buy posters of oilfield scenes. I didn't have no clue so he invited me to g shopping with him to locate some. Morry just moved into a new office and wants to decorate with oilfield photos that are related to our line of work. After going to all the gallery's in Midland we decided to go to the petroleum museum to see what we could find.

Morry found some old sketches and old oil company logos on tin plates. We picked out what we wanted and were headed for the checkout counter. I looked down and happened to spy some wooden snakes. These little critters are articulated and look pretty real. I couldn't help myself so Morry and I bought us each one. We figured they would be good for a couple of laughs.

I get to work a few minutes early and place the snake in my secretary's top drawer where she keeps her face mirror. Unbeknown st to me, she is deathly afraid of snakes. I get a call and had to leave about 1/2 hour later. As i am out and about i get a call from one of technicians. Apparently he was blamed for planting the snake and called to see if i had done it.

This is the story of what happened as relayed to me: She got some makeup in her eye. Her back was towards the drawer so she reached back to grab the face mirror. She grabbed the snake instead and when she put it in her face she was staring at the snake. She screamed and ran from the office and wouldn't go back in. She left for a while then came back and grabbed her stuff and left for the day.

The beauty of this prank was that i told no one. This was a shock to everyone and true to my nature i couldn't stop laughing. Even the next day when i confessed to doing it and fellings were hurt, i couldn't stop laughing. I had to walk away so as not to offend anyone. I am giggling right now writing this. It was a good one.

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