21 July 2008

The demon was released

It seems i have had a bit of rage building in my system. I felt something was going on inside me because i just felt pissed off at the world for the last couple of weeks. Even my friends noticed something was different. I can't tell you what it is from other the major life change i have had to deal with.

So there i am Saturday morning lying in bed and getting mad about nothing. Don't know what it was but i felt like i was about to burst with anger. I felt like a pressure cooker ready to explode.

I get up and start cutting the grass. I am cutting the front yard and everything is fine. I am starting to relax, i guess the exercise helps relieve stress. I stop the mower and push it to the back yard. When i start the mower back up it doesn't want to run right. The RPM's keep going up and down. I fiddle with it trying to adjust it and it just didn't work. I go to the garage to get a wrench but for some reason i grabbed my sledge hammer. I walk back to the mower and commence to beat the shit out of it with a sledge hammer. I totally destroyed that mower. When i realized what i had done and had to buy a new mower, i went to pounding on it again. I just couldn't stop. I grabbed it by the handle and started swinging it into a tree. This went on for several minutes and when i stopped i felt a little better.

I calmed down and then went to buy a new mower. $250 dollars later i come home with my new mower and i am pissed that a lawn mower cost me $250 so i grab my sledge and go get some off my old mower. I work it over for a few minutes and then chunk it in the dumpster.

I finish cutting the yard and my world is back in harmony for now.

Looking back one might argue that it was a little extreme but it was my mower, my money and i am a grown damn man and i will spend it as i see fit.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had some anger that you just needed to work out of your system and get resolved to some degree. I'm not surprised, Ray, you've been through a Hell of a lot. Better the lawnmower than a mouthy neighbor, or some saggy-pants thug with $2,800 rims on his $800 POS car and a $1200 stereo thumping out enough bass to shake your windows loose.
Then again, I think those bastards are just asking for it...

Sometimes, you just NEED the sledgehammer, brother. Ain't no shame in that.

Cheryl said...

I am glad to know that this character trait happens to run in the family. I was worried really about John. He had a run in with a Murray push mower several years back. I think it ended up thrown across the yard after being beaten, and how can you forget the flower incident at Circuit City. I guess you have to vent your anger somehow...

Anonymous said...

your right Armed and Christian, i needed to vent.

Cheryl, i will never forget the flower incident. I started laughing my ass off when you mentioned it.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Let m try this again.

Wisconsin Man shoots Lawnmower