23 July 2008


I walk into my Borger TX shop this morning and one of the guys pull me off to the side. He said " Our new guy started today and we told him you were coming to town. We also told him that you were gay and liked to invite the newbies to your hotel room but to not go unless a group went"

I smiled and went on about my business. This type of thing is a very common occurrence in our business. We like to have fun with FNG's.

FNG is standing in one of the offices with a couple of the senior guys when i walk in. I look at FNG and ask how much he weighs. He tells me and i say " Your a cute little fucker aren't you" The look on his face was priceless. The guys start smiling and leave the room and tell FNG i needed to talk to him. FNG hauls ass out of the room and goes back to his training.

The guys and i are standing in the bay and we are cracking our asses up laughing. I say Watch this. i walk into the training room and drop my hotel key in front of FNG. I say " I am having pizza and beer in my room tonight and i would like it if you came by. There will be plenty of food, fighting and fucking so don't be late. It's just me and you" and then i walked out.

FNG picks up the key and then drops it like it was hot. Old technician walks in there and ask him what the key was for. FNG tells him and Old technician says " I wouldn't go there alone if i were you" and walks out.

All the while we are standing outside watching FNG through the window and cracking up.

Eventually we tell FNG that we are just messing with him. It was a good laugh.


canivalpo said...

NOT RIGHT..shame on you..but very funny...no shame on you.
Let me know if he reports back towork today,lol.
Nasty turd!

armed_and_christian said...

Dang! And I thought it was bad enough that we send our FNG's after left and right leg traction splints, pediatric combitubes, and "extra-medium" sized sterile gloves.