03 December 2007

Imus is back

8 months after calling the Rutgers female basketball team nappy headed hoes, he is back on the air. It is about time. Now i am not a big fan of Imus but he should be allowed back on the air. I was watching Al Sharpton complain about it and it pissed me off.

Why are white people held to a standard that Black people are not held too?

Why do rappers and comedians get away with the N word but if a white guy says it, we are racist?

I am truly sick of it. If Dog and Imus want to call people names, let them. If you don't like it then don't watch or listen to their programs. If they lose listners or viewers the problem will work itself out.

And another thing, if you meet someone and they say they are ________ American, they are a racist bigot. You are either American or Non American. You are not African American, Mexican American or Asian American. Anyone who refers to themself as a _________ American is only trying to distinguish themselves as a victim or defender of their race. It is Bullshit.

If you don't believe me, try it. Ask a minority what their race is. If they say ___________ American, talk to them and you will realize that they are most likely someone you wouldn't want to hang around. Crusadors and victims are what they are.

Any minority that i know that shares the same values and morales that i do refer to themselves simply as Americans. They are my friends and people i enjoy being around.

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