16 December 2007

A hero returns home

I am talking about Gilmer Hernandez. Remember back 1 year ago. He was a Sheriff's Deputy in Rock Springs TX. He stopped a vehicle and when he went to the vehicle it took off. Gilmer pulled his weapon and started to shoot out the tires. One of the bullets richoted and hit a Mexican national being smuggled into the country and knocked out 5 of her teeth.

Johnny Sutton, Asshole, decided to press charges against Gilmer and offered the illegals amnesty if they testified against Gilmer. Gilmer went to jail for 366 days because he violated this women's civil rights.

Can you believe this shit? An illegal who was breaking the law by entering the country illegally, got her civil rights violated. What civil rights? I just don't get it. Why is this country protecting the illegals and prosecuting the men out there trying to keep us safe?

I tell you it burns my ass to see this happen. Johnny Sutton is the same asshat that prosecuted Compean and Ramos, the two Border Patrol agents who shot Osualdo Davila in the ass. Davila was smuggling drugs and was caught with a million dollars of marijuana when he was shot. Another perfect example of law enforcement doing their jobs and being prosecuted for it.

Well Mr. Sutton, you can kiss my hairy ass.

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