26 October 2007

You aint gonna believe this

So i am sitting out on Uncle Bill's Super Shitter power Squat a little before sunrise. It was too dark to read the paper so i am thinking about the fun we will have today. As i am sitting there, a squirrel was playing in the trees above me. I am watching the squirrel and he is watching me. I am thinking, Damn i wish i had my rifle with me.

A few minutes later the squirrel ran down the tree and stopped about a foot away from me. He stands on his back legs, cocks his head and is just staring at me. I stare back and then say " What the hell are you looking at?"

The squirrel cocked his head the other way and said " What you doing?"

Me "Taking a crap, why do you ask?"

Squirrel " What is that White roll beside you?"

Me "Toilet paper"

Squirrel " What do you use it for? It looks like it would be great to line my nest with."

Me " We humans use it to wipe our butts after we crap"

Squirrel "Why?"

Me " So we don't walk around with poop on our butt all day. Don't you squirrels wipe after you poop?"

Squirrel "No, poop doesn't stick to our fur"

Me, so i grabbed the squirrel and wiped my ass with him.

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