08 October 2007

Another one

Another entry under You ain't gonna believe this:

I went to Walmart to pick up some tire slime. There was gallon of it and the price read $18.88. I decided i wanted this and went to the self checkout. The Slime rang up $29.99 so i called an attendant over. What do you know, English is not her 1st language. She says " You do not want this?"

I say " I want it for $18.88" She apparently couldn't do nothing so she went and got her Manager. I explained to the manager that the shelf price was $18.88 and it rang up for $29.99. The manager and i went to the tire department to verify if i was lieing to her. The shelf price was $18.88 for 128 ounces. She looked at the jug of Slime and looked at me with this smug look on her face and said " That price is for 128oz and this jug is 3.8 liters, that is the difference"

I gave her the dumbest look i could muster and asked " How many liters in a gallon?" She didn't know so i showed her on the jug where the volume was 1 gallon/3.8 liters

She was still lost. She said again that the $18.88 was for 128oz and the jug was 1 gallon. I couldn't help myself. I retorted " Hey honey pot, there is 128oz in a gallon. The volume is the same"

I was then that i realized i was speaking Russian or something. She was lost. She decided that since she couldn't understand what i was saying, she would let me have it for $18.88.

What a girl.

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