22 August 2007


My bathroom remodel is complete. The cost of the shower was around $5K plus all the other stuff. It was worth it. We made a lot of changes as the contractor was working. We removed all sheet rock that could come into contact with water and replaced it with cement board. We eliminated any possibility of mold. We had the tile run out from the shower and along the wall for three foot above the floor. The shower head is thermal and pressure balanced. No spikes in pressure or temperature. That's nice.

All in all he did a great tile job. The floor is set up with a double drain should any water get past the tile and we installed a vapor barrier behind the cement board in the shower. We built this thing bullet proof and to last.

I had to buy a new crapper. I broke the old one when trying to re-install it. Can you believe that Lowe's has a crapper for $566. Why would you pay that kind of money for a shitter? I got me the extra tall super shitter power dumper 5000. It flushes so hard it draws a vacuum in the bathroom. Nice.

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