14 September 2009

Marriage License

The other day, before September 2nd, Karin and I go to get our marriage license. We were both off that day and had a list of errands we had to get done before leaving for Hawaii. I had been cutting the grass so i was wearing typical yard work clothing and Karin was dressed about the same.

We leave at about 11 t go to the courthouse and then we were going to hit Grahm's Pharmacy for lunch, they make an awesome peanut butter/chocolate shake. We load up and asked me if i had the cash for the license. Here in Texas, they do not accept anything but cash at the courthouse. When we get to the courthouse, it takes me forever to pass thru the metal detector. I had on steel toed boots, various knives, everything you would have for working around the house.

After the deputy clears me, he says "make sure you got $70 cash for the license". I stopped and looked at Karin. She asked what was wrong. I opened my wallet and all i had was $46. She lets me know that she told me it was $70 blah blah and i responded that i thought it was $35.

So she opens her purse and between the two of us we have $70 even. I was like, oh yeah, let's go do this. We get in there and the clerk says that it will cost $72. We had to go thru her purse and paid the additional $2 with nickels, dimes, quarters and even penny's.

I can only imagine what the clerk thought. Here we are dressed like vagrants and having to scrimp Penny's to buy a marriage license. She gave us the hairy eyeball the entire time. She was surprised when i put my address down and it didn't include a lot number from the trailer park.

So that is how our marriage started, both of us pulling together to raise the funds for a license. Of course when she told her Dad, he rode me like a rent mule. Wanted to know why his daughter would marry someone who couldn't afford a marriage license. I still haven't heard the last of it.


Anonymous said...

rofl!! Ray, you're amazing. God's best to you and Karin.

Mulligan said...

marriage starting out with teamwork to overcome a setback? perfect! most people can't get that far after 10 years.

best of luck