14 September 2009

Family Status Change

The terrible view we had to endure.

For those who don't already know, I have had a family status change. September 2nd Karin and I got married and flew to Hawaii on September 3rd for our honeymoon. We spent 6 days in Waikiki Beach and had a most excellent time. We were on the 11th floor of a corner room at The Outrigger Reef on the Beach . One balcony was a view of the sun setting on the beach and the Northern balcony was a view of downtown Waikiki. It was a very romantic setting.

We pretty much kept the wedding date to ourselves as we didn't want anyone to feel obligated to attend. We had a quite simply ceremony and then hauled ass to Hawaii.
Here are a few tips for those thinking of going to Hawaii:
1- Take more money, you will need it.
2 -Pay for the upgrades. It is worth every penny.
3 -Expect to see a lot of Mexican and Cajun food.
4 -Seafood is the main choice of fare on the islands.
5- 8 hours of flying from Dallas is a bitch!!
6- Try to island hop while there.
7- Hawaii has a population of 1.3 million. 950 thousand are in Honolulu.
8- Pearl Harbor is awesome. Take the tour and see the USS Arizona and the USS Missouri berthed right next to the Arizona.
9-Hawaiian population is 25% native, 25% military and 50% people who moved there.
10- I strongly suggest the helicopter tour and dinner cruise combination. It is excellent.

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