30 September 2009

Business Math

I am completing this semester in a Business Math course with a 98.6 average. This was one of the hardest courses i have taken yet.

We had to learn about simple interest, compounding interest, annuities, annuities due and mortgage amortization schedules.

Most of it was fairly simple but the compounding interest loans that are for 90 days or less becomes a bit fun to work out.

The professor and I didn't see eye to eye most of the time but at least he listened to me, which i thought was cool.

I am thinking of taking an advanced algebra class, has anyone ever taken one and is it a good idea?


Anonymous said...

Where I went to school business math was the "easy-out" for those not able to do algebra (kids not on a college bound path if you will.)Anyhow, the Advanced algebra class will be much harder than the business math, but if you are looking for a challenge go for it!

Anonymous said...


Follow this link to find some examples. May help you decided!

Cheryl said...

Business math is quite a bit different than algebra, especially advanced algebra. In business math you can follow the formula and derive the answer; in algebra, one little mistake and you have screwed up a whole page worth of computations. I wouldn't do it, but it sure would be a challenge.

mostly cajun said...

I took one once. the class started the semester with forty students. It finished with seven. I was better for it.

Hate to say this, but when I was in school "business math" was what the football team took because they couldn't pass "real math", i.e., algebra II.

The difference is that algebra will teach you more of how to think about things. Business math is about doing things. Thinkers can "do", but not all "doers" can think.