15 August 2009

Another Moral Question

I am learning a little about medicare and medicaid. Medicare is for the older folks and Medicaid is for those who aren't retired but the government covers them.

Here is my dilemma, how much is a human life worth?

A 15 year old girl is on medicaid and pregnant. She is 34 weeks and goes to the hospital. The doctors at this hospital, regionally renowned, decide that the baby has fluid on the brain and must operated on while in the womb. The local doctors say it is outside their area of expertise and consult with a pediatric neurosurgeon in Dallas. Everyone agrees that the surgery will allow the child to be born and live a normal life. Without the surgery, the child will not be "normal" when birthed and may require extended medical services for an extended time.

Should we, the taxpayer, pay for the airlift to Dallas, the surgery by a world class doctor, and the birthing in Dallas. Let's assume the total bill will be $500,000.

What are your thoughts?

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