11 August 2008

3 weeks

The last 3 weeks have been hectic. I have had my contractor remodeling my other bathroom so i spent as much time on the road as possible. The bathroom looks great and the cleaning people will be there today. It will be nice to get back into a clean home. For those who are interested, i had a Super Shitter Power Dump 5000 installed. It requires 120 Volt and 5 gallons per flush.

A couple of Fridays ago my friend Marks calls me and ask if i want to go hunting with him and his Grandson. I haven't seen his grandson, Tooter, in about 2 years. He used to go with us all the time before he hit the teen years. I say sure I'll go and ask my buddy Mardy if he wanted to go. We were all in.

Mardy and I leave the house and go pick up Mark and Tooter. Tooter comes out and i couldn't believe my eyes. He is 15 years old, 255 pounds, 6'7" tall and wears a size 17 shoe. This 15 year old that we taught to shoot is 2" taller than me. He grabs my hand and his paw is a lot bigger than mine. I was in shock. Of course on the ride out to the field Tooter had to stop and get something to eat. Damn that boy is big and can eat.

Me and Mark are in the front seat and Mardy and Tooter are in the back seat. We are driving down this old farm road and we see something in the distance and we can't make it out. Naturally the 15 year old wants to shoot it but we didn't know what we would be shooting at. As we pull up to it, it is a billy goat with his horns caught in the fence. I look at Mardy and start smiling and Mark starts bitching at us about corrupting his grandson. We just said we would try to "push" the goat thru the fence. I was of course laughing my ass off the whole time. In 40 years this is the first time i have actually seen a goat with its head caught in a fence. It was priceless.

Due to the raining we couldn't make it all the way to were we were going so we stopped and shot a bunch of ammo on the side of the road. On the way back out the goat was still caught in the fence. We stopped and Tooter and I freed him. Mardy and Mark was laughing because when we got near the goat he started fighting like hell. Kinda like he had been taken advantage of before. He was bleating up a storm and kicking at us.

When he was finally free that goat took off in a dead run for as far as we could see. He didn't seem to thankful for us saving him from being a coyotes dinner that night.

I did get to shoot my 2 new guns. I bought a Taurus Judge and a Winchester Model 94 30-30

They both shoot real nice and i look forward to shooting them more often.

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