18 March 2008

A question of morality?

Let me paint a background for you.

Many many years ago a man was at work and injured in an industrial accident. He mangled one leg and foot. After many years and dozens of surgeries the doctor claims that all that can be done has been done.

The man walks with a noticeable limp and has constant pain in the injured foot. The man is left with a size 12 foot and a size 10 foot. He can not put a size 12 on the size 10 nor can he put a size 10 on the size 12. To buy a good pair of shoes he must purchase two pairs.

The man goes to a local department store and finds matching shoes in both sizes. He switches the shoe boxes so he has a size 10 and 12 in the same box. He pays for the shoes and he leaves.

The man claims that because the store has a sign that says Satisfaction Guaranteed, the store shouldn't have a problem with his shoe switching. He is not satisfied unless he gets bot sizes for the price of one.

I ask you what is your opinion on this? Is the man cheating the store? Is he cheating the poor sap that gets the other shoe box with two different sizes?

Can this be rationalized?


Biggun6969 said...

Although satisfaction is guaranteed, it is still wrong. The shoes did not come packaged the way he purchased them. Let’s say he wanted to buy a car. He picks out the low grade bottom of the line car. Right next to it is a top of the line car with a CD player and leather seats. Does he expect the dealership to not have a problem with him switching the seats and stereo out? I guarantee if someone was to purchase a lawnmower part from him and when he turned around they swapped it out for what they really wanted he would blow a gasket. No matter how you look at it, the “person” in your discussion is wrong. I happen to know someone just like that. Later.

canivalpo said...

I knew a guy who told me of his dad and his wife's dad. They were both injured in war years ago. One lost a left foot and the other a right. it just so happened that they were both in the same store at the same time when they were shopping for a shoe--the right shoe needy man had been there on 2 previous occassions and purchased shoes but was left with two left shoes.
Then one day the left foot needy man walked in to the shoe store and they ran into each other, figured out each other's dilemas and became pals and promised to meet at that particular store every year at the same time so that they could split the cost of a pair of shoes. They did this for years and that is how their two kids met, fell in love and later married.
My point here? Wouldn't life be easier for your guy if he could just find his left foot/right foot guy??? This way he wouldn't have to resort to any wrong doing and thus we wouldn't need to discuss something soooooo weird like this.
Ray, why?