23 March 2008

Hail, Church and Pucker factor 6

Last night around 0200 i woke up and sat up in bed trying to figure out what that noise was. It sounded like an airplane taking off in the back yard. I was waiting for my eyes to adjust when i realized the sound was hail. The hail was beating down on the metal roof of my carport and making an awful racket. I go outside and the ground is covered about 1 inch thick with marble size hail. It was thundering, lightening and hailing. A pretty cool thunderstorm.

This morning at church Father B is on a tear and giving us the business about the Lords Resurrection. I was ushering this morning so i was out and about making sure that everything was happening that was supposed to be happening. After Mass we were gathered around visiting with our friends and it started raining again. Every one skinned out heading for their trucks before the rain got bad.

I pull out of the church parking lot in my dually. I wasn't in any big hurry so i decided to take the back roads to allow the diesel to warm up properly. So i am idling along and i come to the stop sign leading to the main road. I pull out turning right and for some unknown reason when my truck shifted into 2nd gear i mashed the gas pedal to the floor. The turbo spooled up, the engine was screaming and the rear end broke loose and decided to dance. When the right side started spinning, the rear axle locked up both sides and that is when i hit pucker factor 6. I would bet that not too many people have seen a 4-door dually going sideways down the road with redneck with a shit eating grin. I rode it out for about 100 yards then got off it to allow it to straighten out. It was pretty fun.

Some of us are amused with the simplest of things.

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