11 March 2007

Random Thoughts

As i travel a lot i have plenty of time for random thoughts. Today i was watching the Matrix Reloaded and it got me to thinking. When do you die?

I know you are not considered dead as long as you have a heartbeat, but is this real death or just our standard? Let me clarify, your brain controls all of your body's functions. What if your brain was dead but your heart was still beating? I have heard about this. If you have a heart beat but no brain activity you are on a ventilator for sure. If they pull the ventilator and you can not breath on your own you are considered brain dead. My question is how can they "pull the plug" when you still have a heart beat?

Now if i understand correctly your heart beats based on a mild electric shock your body produces to make the heart beat. If this is true then your brain must be telling your heart to beat therefore you are not brain dead and pulling the plug would be murder right?

Now we know that the brain can survive for several minutes without oxygen. Oxygen is supplied by the heart pushing blood through the lungs and throughout the body. So, let's say for some reason your heart stops beating. It could be a bullet or anything. We know that your brain is still functioning. Can your eyes see, Can your ears hear? You could actually witness your own death. If this is the case is it possible to die instantly without pain?

these are just some the random thoughts circling around in the old noodle.


ricky said...

how long would you allow someone to be on a ventilator before you consider them to be dead? A week? A month? A year? Who has the right to make these decisions?

Anonymous said...

I've been knocked out twice in my life. Both times could have resulted in me waking up dead.

BTW, I never felt a thing until I woke up.

Ray said...

Well Ricky that seems to be the question. I don't know if we have the right to make that decision. Obviously if you never out them on a ventilator you will not be faced with this question. The church teaches that we can not pull the plug on hydration and food. Anything else mey be dealt with. The question is can YOU pull the plug and have that on your concious? I guess i will not know the answer until i am faced with it.

carmen said...

Plain and not-so-simple response from me is.....there's never a decision to be made by you. It was never in your hands to begin with. There is a Master Physician and HE decides. We're just selfish in thinking that we should control the outcome a decision like pulling the plug--whether you have a hard time making the choice or not.

Ray said...

Well carmen the decision was in my hands. I made the call to put her on a ventilator. By your statement then we should never go to the doctor as it is in God's hands and we need to stay out of it. I must disagree with you here.