02 June 2011

Weight update

Since i have started my new lifestyle, i have lost 105 pounds. I started at 347 and got down to 242. i flucuate between 245 and 250. I have manged to keep it off for over a year so i think i got it beat. I haven't decided if i want to lose any more or not.


Biggun6969 said...

Sounds great! I am on your heels and gaining speed. Thanks for the insight yesterday. Later.

Biggun6969 said...

Oh, and I still do not see how using the government tax laws that currently exist to my advantange is sinful. You just keep giving all that hard earned money to obama...illegal immigrants and his re-election are counting on you doing just that. Later.

Ray said...

Using current tax laws is not sinful. Lying about purchasing equipment for agricultural use is sinful.

You say you will plant some cucumbers and sell them. That is all well and good as long as you use that tractor to till the soil. You can't plant them in a topsey turvey.