02 June 2011

Can't stay out of trouble

Last Sunday, my wife's family had a little get together. Some of the family was in from Alaska so they all decided to have a pot luck gathering. I must say that this family can cook. It is worth going to just to eat!!

As usual, i only know the family that lives local so my Father-n-Law was introducing me to the family that i have never met. I learned that i have several titles according to FIL. I was introduced as "That no account son in law, my coonass son in law, and that guy my daughter drug home". Nice to know you're loved ain't it.

Well, my wife introduces me to cousin "skinny" (real names have been changed to protect the innocent). It seems that cousin skinny is an anorexic. I have never met one before.

A few hours later i was sitting alone and i started giggling. My wife and FIL come up and asked me what was so funny. I said "I'm gonna go up to cousin skinny and tell her that her ass is getting big"

From that point on i was not left alone. It seems that not everyone shares my sense of humor.

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