15 March 2010

New additions to the family

I was out doing nothing today when i decided to step into one of my favorite little guns stores. I was looking for something odd that not a whole lot of people have. I cam across this little Beretta .32 Tomcat. My wife wants to get her concealed carry license and she wants a little pistol to keep in her truck. I thought, why the hell not. It should fit perfectly in her little hand. Be being the loving husband that i am, i got it for her.

Now that she got a new toy, i had to get one for myself. This is a sweet little jewel that should only increase in value. It is a GSG-5 made in Germany and distributed by ATI. the GSG-5 is an exact duplicate of the H&K MP 5. It is chambered in .22LR so i can shoot all day for pennies on the trigger pull. In 2009, H&K instituted a lawsuit against both German Sport Guns and American Tactical Imports, Inc., over trade dress infringements. The lawsuit was settled in October of 2009, and resulted in the production and importation of the original GSG-5 design to cease as of Oct. 8, 2009. The remaining stocks will continue to be sold until January 31, 2010, at which time all sales of the GSG-5 by American Tactical Imports must be concluded.

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