16 March 2010

I made someone's shit list

Our Bishop for our diocese decided last year to ramp up the pressure that the community needs to put on planned parenthood. He started a group called Midland Catholics For Life to do just that. Being a member of the Knights of Columbus and pro-life, the Bishop taxed us Knights to step up and help out. One of the request of the Bishop was for us to write letters to the editor trying to bring awareness of what planned parenthood is doing in our town.

You see, the planned parenthood in Midland serves 50 counties in West Texas. They are the only abortion mill in these 50 counties. They have a circuit abortionist who comes by on Friday's to perform these abortions. They kill between 20-30 babies a week in Midland.

planned parenthood hosted the Vagina Monologue's (V-Day)as a fund raiser in Midland. V-Day was founded as a battered women's awareness group and they tour the country raising awareness of battered and abused women. All told, V-Day seems to be a good organization.

I wrote a letter to the paper stating that i thought it was funny that a company that made its living abusing and killing innocent babies sponsored a company that made its living by stopping abuse to women. Apparently i pissed the CEO of the local planned parenthood off. I Love it.

She responded by trying to make me out as an idiot in the paper. The problem is that we can only write a letter to the editor once a month and she got the last word. It is GAME ON as far as i am concerned.

I am patiently waiting for my month to pass and i am going to call her out like a cheap whore at a revival. I am going to ask her why on their website they explain the abortion process as "gently emptying your uterus" when they are actually using a suction machine to tear a baby apart limb from limb and vacuum it out of the uterus. I guess her way sounds better. They worry about the discomfort of the woman getting the abortion but the little baby inside her, not at all. I am sure that having your arms, legs, ribs, and head sucked off your body would be described as anything but gentle. But hey, you can make money by proving a negative can you.


Jess said...

They're a worthless mass of cells, unless you find a way to profit from destroying them, or getting a monthly stipend for their upkeep. Hypocrites is the best description. Not a one of the abortionists would be breathing if their parents had followed the same advice they promote. I recommend they step in front of a train to experience the same thing they do every day.

Diane said...

"gently emptying the uterus" my eye. Its ripping the baby to bits is what it is, and causes pain - that's why they give the woman drugs. Not to mention the mental problems that come afterwards. Unless that person is totally without a conscience.