22 June 2009

Calibration and comparison

Out here in the inspection world, we take industrial radio graphs of piping installations to ensure that the weld procedure was followed and that the two joints of pipe are properly joined together. We can also verify the integrity of the joint using an ultrasonic machine similar to the one used to look at babys in the womb.

Before we use the ultrasonic unit we must first calibrate it to a known metal with known density and thickness. If you look around you, you will find a lot of instruments that must be calibrated. When you calibrate to a known standard, you get an accurate and repeatable measurement.

It is the same with life. How do we calibrate our life? In my algebra class we are taught that there must be something on both sides of the equal sign for there to be an equation. So if were to write the question in a algebraic equation it would look something like this Ray=good.

Lets assume the equation is true. how do i determine if Ray=Good? This is where the comparison comes in. I can only calibrate my life when i have a known standard to compare it to.

The early part of this month i attended my grandfather's funeral. The priest done an outstanding job explaining this, in my humble opinion. Often times at funerals and other places you here people talk about how good so and so was. My question is, compared to what?

I have heard people who are being chastised say that they are better than so and so. Is this a good comparison? Is so and so the known standard? I myself have been in a discussion with my better half about my deficiencies when i retorted that at least i didn't do whatever like so and so. In the end, i lowered my known standard of comparison.

The priest at PawPaw's funeral said that we should not compare ourselves to one another, we should not strive to be like so and so, we should compare ourselves to Jesus Christ and do our best to emulate him. I guess if we set Jesus as the known standard, we will have a high mark to shoot for. Some may argue that the standard is too high but i disagree. We need to keep our standards high and always seek to better ourselves.

The other day i said something after church about somebody and a person called me out about it. They asked if that was the type of comment you would here Jesus say. I responded that it was. I also said that Jesus wasn't no punk. He called it like it was. He wasn't PC and he called a sinner a sinner.

You see, i believe that the truth is the truth. Don't sugar coat it and as our brothers keeper, it is our duty to let someone know when they break the rules. We can't allow indifference to guide our judgement by saying something like well, at least he don't hit her. If someone is treating their spouse in a bad way, it is our duty to let them know. If it pisses them off, so be it. The truth is the truth.

Just because something is legal and accepted by society, doesn't make it right. It is our duty to stand up to these falsehoods and expose the truth. If we truly seek to live moral, virtuous, honest and upright lives, it is our DUTY to follow the truth, expose the truth and spread the truth.

So in the equation Ray=Good, if Good=Jesus, then the equation is false. A true statement may be Ray=Not so bad. If this is the case, i have plenty of room for improvement.

So when you decide to ask yourself if you are a good person, remember to compare yourself to a known standard and not so and so.


Anonymous said...

Will Ferrel=useless turd that makes epic failures some might call a movie

Anonymous said...

Please Identify the improper verb usage in the following sentence.

"The priest done an outstanding job explaining this, in my humble opinion."

Anonymous said...

Ray=grammatically challenged