09 April 2009

Damn its been a long time

I almost forgot about this blog page. My life has been going so fast lately i can barley keep up. A lot has happened in 3 weeks. I got my jeep out of the shop today.

Last October when i went to the annual pilgrimage to Louisiana for hunting season, i seemed to do a lot of damage. I blame most of it on my brother. We were at the creek and he told me that any pussy can drive across the bridge, it takes a real man to drive thru the creek. He then gave me a beer to think about it and i tore my shit up.

Here is the rundown of what got broke - 2 sets u-joints and straps, front drive shaft, rear drive shaft, motor mount, transmission mount, front wheel bearing and rear main seal on the engine. I fixed everything but the rear main. It had to be done from the inside of the engine and have never tried to do that before. But hey, it doesn't leak a drop of oil and handles fine. I can't wait to take it out again.

I took my Fiance home to Louisiana to meet the family. That was fun. She always told me she was a country girl. When she met my family in Podunk La, she realized she was really a small town girl and didn't know what country was. I took her to the hunting lease to show her around. She had a lot of First that day. We were walking down a trail and was attacked by King Snake sunning himself. She screamed so loud it scared me. She thinks a snake slithering away is attacking us. We borrowed my Dad's 4-wheeler and went riding with my brother and my cousin. We went all over that 3,500 acres. She was having a blast. We had dirt, mud, and swamp. We watched my brother and cousin take on every mud hole and sling mud everywhere. She wanted to sit in a deer stand so we took her to one. Once she climbed the ladder and got comfortable she spun around and came face-to-face with the notorious brown leaping tree frog. I guess it attacked her as well because she got scared, fast. I laughed my ass off. She shot a 9mm pistol and enjoyed that as well. She also collected 54 mosquito bites and one tick.

About 5 minutes after we pulled up at my parents house, the local deputy showed up and said that someone witnessed us running another car off the road. Fiance got mad and was voicing her opinion. She couldn't believe she was going to jail in backwoods La. Come to find out, my Dad set it up to have a little fun. It was fun for me, not so much for her.

I have to finish painting the inside of my house so i have to go to work. I'll post some pictures if i ever get done. peace.

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Biggun6969 said...

I really don’t see how my words of encouragement are to blame for your misfortunes in offroading. If anything, you should be thanking me for giving you the idea to travel the road less traveled and finding the weak points of your Jeep so that you could get them repaired. You are welcome. Later.