18 February 2008

Single, Divorced or Widowed

One must be real careful when declaring their status. It could hurt you in many ways.

For example, I am 40 years old and widowed. A lot of forms doesn't give widowed as an option to choose. You have single, married or divorced. If i mark single, people see a 40 year old man that is so messed up that no women wants him. If i mark divorced they see a 40 year old man that can not stick to a committment. On these type of forms i mark married.

My church is having a Catholic Singles meeting this week. A few of my Brother Knights think i should go. I informed them that i am not really interested in meeting someone right now. They say i need to go just to look around and see what is out there. A recon mission so to speak. The issue i have is that a 40 year old person who is single, is too late in the game to be trained. If they are divorced, then there are other problems.

I think if i should decide to hook up i would want them to be widowed as well. At least then you know they can make a relationship work. The issue is to make sure they are not a Black Widow. Ha.


canivalpo said...

So, are you gonna go or not?

Anonymous said...

No i am not.