24 February 2008

Pandale TX

Friday at 1400 Rick, Mardy, Long Hair and myself load up and go to the Lease in Pandale TX. Pandale is about 40 miles south of I-10 on exit 350. The closest store is 47 miles away. The population is 7. Very secluded and very peaceful.

Friday night turns into a drunk fest. We go to this guys mobile home who lives in Pandale and apparently i mention that the has sex with goats and he gets upset. Ricky has an axe to grind with this guy named Tye who lives out there. Ricky calls him out and Tye decides to rub vagisil all over himself. Mardy and Long Hair are enjoying the show and laughing their butts off.

We load up the Polaris Ranger and 4-wheelers and find our way back to camp. We build a nice fire and sit around and have a great time. I crashed around 1130 and the rest made a run for 0400.

Saturday we spent riding around and scouting and fishing. All told i saw 9 deer and about 30 turkeys. Looks like a good lease to have.

Came home Sunday and cleaned all the toys.

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canivalpo said...

this is a good past time?