29 November 2007

Just Rambling

I can remember back in my childhood when i really enjoyed going to my Grandparents house. MaMa was always there with a soft and warm hug and a kiss. She could always make everything be OK. I guess it was the special powers that Grandmothers have.

For some reason when i think of Grandmothers i get a picture in my head of nice older women who can cook anything, their house always smells like something cooking, a fireplace and just lots of hugs. They have lots of stories about what it was like growing up in the "Old Days" before air conditioning, Wal-Mart and the easy life that we generally live now.

Before TV dinners and microwave ovens when their husbands killed dinner and they cleaned and cooked it. I guess that is what i envision because that is what i have been exposed to. I like to think about those days gone by and appreciate the fact that i don't have to live like that.

So what will it be like when we are the Grandparents? We come from a life of opulence and luxury compared to what our Grandparents come from. We are a part of the "For Me" crowd. Fake breast, face lifts, lip injections and BoTox are what we will show our Grand kids.

What fond memories will our Grand kids have when they are Grandparents themselves? Their memory will be much different than mine. I wish i could be around to know.

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