08 November 2007

I am back

I am back from a very productive training class in St. Louis. It was pretty cool. While i was in MO i bought me a new T-Shirt. It says "God hates Fags and Dog hates Blacks"

Can you believe this guy? I watched him be interviewed by Shawn Hannity and i don't believe he is sincere. I think he is sad because he got caught. His hypocrisy came to light and now his career is ruined.

I can not wait to Al and Jesse jump all over this one. I am sure they Will be demanding something from him, like his blood.

The funny this is that Dog wants to be buried in a slave cemetery without a headstone so he can be with those he loves. where the hell did that come from. So i guess you can go on a rant and call people niggers as long you are willing to be buried with them. Maybe Imus should buy him a plot in the slave cemetery and everything will be alright with him.

Racism will be a part of lives until we die. The Blacks can't let it go and hold whites to standards they are not willing to hold themselves to. The whites are mad at the Blacks for holding them to these standards. I don't think there will ever be equality in our world. People in general prefer to be around their own kind. This goes for race and religion. This is simply a part of our culture. If you force someone to accept what they don't agree with or like, you will pull away until there is a clear separation and hostility will ensue.

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