16 January 2007

Evacuating Inter cranial Contents

Evacuating Inter cranial Contents is Doctor speak for "Sucking out the Brains." We are talking about a Dilation and Evacuation (D&E). This is an abortion. A D&E is used for 2nd trimester and later abortions. There are two types of D&E. There is the D&E dismemberment or the D&E Intact abortion. For the lay person, this is a Partial Birth Abortion. Please go to this link and read this transcript. http://www.nccbuscc.org/prolife/issues/pba/NYhighlights.pdf

This link explains how a D&E is performed. I will break it down for you. In layman terms. A woman decided for whatever reason she should not take this pregnancy to term. She decides that she will terminate the pregnancy. She wants to abort her Baby. Since the women doesn't carry the Baby to term, her cervix is not dilated. The doctor reaches in the women's vagina, feels the Baby and pulls the Baby down through the cervix so that everything but the head is out of the cervix. At this point depending on the length of the Baby some of his or her legs may be hanging out of the vagina. The doctor cuts the umbilical cord and then either reaches in with forceps and crushes the Baby's skull or makes an incision in the base of the Baby's skull and sucks the brains out with a suction tube. If the preceding was done, this was an intact D&E. If they pull the baby out in pieces, it is a dismemberment D&E.

It blows my mind that people in an advanced country like ours can say that a women has the right to have this done to her Baby. If a person kills a 10 year old it is murder. Why is it not murder to kill this child? IT IS KILLING, PEOPLE. I can't even begin to imagine what type of brain activity a women must have to agree to have her Baby's skull crushed or the brains sucked out. I would venture to say they must have mental issues. Just a guess.

The reason i bring this up is because the government is arguing whether or not to sedate the fetus (baby) prior to abortion. WAKE UP AMERICA. If the government will concede that we may need to sedate the Baby, then it obviously feels pain. If the Baby feels pain, then it must have brain function. If the Baby has brain function then it is a living, breathing human. THE BABY HAS RIGHTS. Do not kill the Baby. How can people not see this? How blind can they be?

Come Judgement Day, many women and abortion doctors will stand before God and we will see if their rationalization will convince him that they did nothing wrong. Good Luck.


jessho said...

Oh the irony. The government will incarcerate you for life if you show your jewels to a child, but protects you if you have a license and want to suck the brains out of a full term embryo.

Ray said...

Well said

Donaduck said...

Well said my ass. You should be incarcerated for showing your balls to a child..There are certain cases where abortion is necessary. Take for instance, the girl in Nicaragua who was raped at 9 and got pregnant. She would have certainly died if she would have gone through labor. But, because of strict anti-abortion laws, she had to leave the country to get an abortion. For most cases abortion is completely and utterly wrong, but there are some cases where it is the only real choice.