29 June 2015

Homosexual marriage

So SCOTUS has decided that "the law of the land" is that homosexuals must be extended the same rights as heterosexual couples in all 50 states. Very interesting. The reality is that only 14 states had held out. 36 states had already passed laws that homosexual marriage was legal.

The issue is that it is the law of the land. Since homosexual marriage is acceptable now, i wonder if the government is going to force muslims to perform homosexual marriages. That will be fun to watch considering islam allows followers to kill homosexuals.

So i start my week not being able to purchase a confederate flag and gay marriage is legal. Damn, i wonder what will happen next this week.

So here we have the klan posing with another flag. Since the klan is a using this flag as a symbol of hate, how long before they ban this flag?

If anyone truly believes that the confederate flag causes hate, they really need to re-evaluate their perspective of life. I agree that the confederate flag has been adopted by hate groups but the American flag has been adopted by the same groups. At some point, common sense must kick in and we as a people need to stand up. Stand up for what is right. Call a hate group a hate group. Call an idiot an idiot. When are going to stand up?

I find this slippery slope we are on very troubling. We are trying so hard to be tolerant of everyone that we are losing our heritage and re-writing our history. I ask again, when is enough going to be enough? What else do we have to tolerate in the name of freedom?

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