07 July 2010

Minding my own business

So there i was minding my own business as usual when the wife decided it was time to start looking for "our place". Yippee

She started going through everything that had real estate listings. We drove around neighborhoods we liked, we actually went and knocked on doors that had for sale signs in the yard. Suprisingly, no one ever complained about it, they all welcomed us in to look at it or talk to us about it.

One thing about looking at houses, you get to see some shit. I am surprised at how some people live. Some clean and others not so clean. It was an eye opening experience.

The good thing in my favor was that "our house" was going to be very difficult to find. It is a good thing because i was hoping to put this process off till next year. Our house had to have the following; 2 living areas, modern kitchen, separate pantry, separate laundry room, sequestered master with modern bathroom, hers and hers closets, dual sinks, garden tub and stand alone shower, 2100 square feet or larger, central air and heat, shop or large lot to build shop, and a fence to keep the dogs in.

We looked at every property that came close to our description. We found one house that we really liked. The house was awesome on one third acre so it had room from my shop. One third of the house was the Master suite. The shower alone was 5'X10' with double doors and double shower heads. I would live in the bathroom. It had TV, stereo, telephone, everything you needed in a bathroom. The couple was getting a divorce so they wanted to sell badly. The issue was the easement to the back of the property. The county couldn't tell us who owned it. If i built a shop, i need that back easement to access it due to the configuration of the lot. When we finally got an answer, the couple decided to reconcile so they took the house off the market. Time to start all over.

We spent all last weekend looking and driving our realtor crazy. I picked this house about 4 miles from city limits out in the country, you know where the pavement ends and dirt roads begin. After my wife went in the house and looked around, she turned to me and said "get it". After quite the negotiation, the realtor should be having the contract signed by the seller this morning. We should have "our house". Even my realtor asked me if i was Jewish.

The house is awesome. 2150 square feet, sequestered master, in-law plan for bedroom #2 and all three bedrooms have their own bathroom. The house meets the wife expectations so I'm happy about that. My portion is the lot. It is awesome. 2 acres, 30'x40' shop with 30'x18' carport attached to it, two additional carports for RV and tractor, two car garage, all fenced in and a stocked pond with fishing dock to boot. Separate electric meters for shop and house, water well, and trees galore. Trees are a very valuable commodity here in West Texas.

Hopefully we will get closed end of August and be moving in September. Seller's request to postpone closing for a cheaper price.

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