07 May 2010

The stupidity of others

OK, I'm going to get philosophical for a bit. Just to give you something to think about.

Have you ever had to deal with someone who you thought was just stupid? How did you deal with them? Have you ever been driving along and someone do something stupid?

In my profession, i deal with what i used to call stupid people everyday. Webster defines stupid as lacking normal intelligence. Now there is a difference between ignorant and stupid. Ignorance i can live with, stupid i can't. At least, that is how i used to feel.

My Priest has been talking about stupidity and what it means in our life. From his point of view, we should welcome stupidity. After talking to him a few times, i have come to realize that what he is saying makes perfect sense. i will try to convey this to you, if i fail, don't blame my Priest, it is my fault.

Here is a question. Why did the Angels get mad at God and some of them leave Heaven? It was because how much God favored us. You see, we need redemption where Angels do not. Why is that you ask? Angels were created with all the intelligence that they needed. We were not. We, humans, are stupid. We have redemption because of our stupidity. I can even prove it. Remember when Jesus was hanging on the cross, He ask God to forgive them because they knew not what they were doing.

Remember also that Jesus summed up the Ten Commandments by saying "Love your brother as you love yourself". He was telling us to love stupid people as well as anyone else. Doesn't the Golden Rule teach us to do as to others as we would have them do unto us?

If God gave us redemption because of our stupidity, Jesus asked God to forgive them because they were stupid and Jesus commanded us to love others as ourselves, then our salvation lies in our own stupidity. It is because of our stupidity that we have salvation.

Next time someone pisses you off and you call them stupid, stop and think about what you are saying. We need that stupidity in others and ourselves to get into Heaven. It was given to us as a tool and we should learn to use it as such.

Thus ends today's lesson.


Mulligan said...


I think I'm missing key points, perhaps cuz I'm not Catholic?

Ray said...

I don't think being Catholic has anything to do with it.

Simply put, the Divine plan given to us by God is based on our stupidity. We should be more tolerant of those whom we feel are stupid. Judge not lest ye be judged kinda thing.

Mulligan said...

as you said ignorance and stupidity are different.

I don't mind stupid people that are trying cuz some people just don't have the tools. My problem is with people that are aggressively ignorant or stupid on purpose. Those that assume they know all they need to and refuse to learn or accept the concept they may not be well or completely informed .. those people I'm gonna judge.

I can't quote scripture and whatnot but study and learning are a key part of following any doctrine.