02 February 2010


Neocon , you really have to know what one is to understand what you are about to read.

I was over at Armed and Christian and read this article and it made a lot of sense. It is a long article so i will try to break it down.

A lot of people are upset that oboma won the election but the argument is that he NEEDED to win the election. We had to choose between mccain and obama. Both candidates have a very similiar voting record. They are both anti-gun, pro-government, believe in expanding government, both voted for the bailout and both have utter disregard for privacy, property and individual liberty. We would be in the same place we are now except a neocon would be in office if mccain had won. Two pieces of crap to choose from.

Now that obama is the prez, the people can see what liberism will do to a country. The republicans think that people will come running back to them and they are right. The people are stupid. If we run back to the republicans, the neocons are back in office and we haven't changed a damn thing.

Now is our chance to tell both parties that liberals and neocons are NOT WELCOME!. We need to vote in conservatives!!

Bush doubled the size of government, passed a prescription drug bill that increased the obligations of Medicare by $8 trillion (2), and signed the tyrannical PATRIOT Act? He was a neocon. This is what they do!!

When a neocon wins, the message these victories send to the Republican Party is, "we don't need to change anything, just let them wail under the Dems for a year and come running back into our arms." That is a very true statement.

"It's not the devil in horns and a tail I fear; I know to run from that guy. It's the devil in a suit quoting scripture that I worry about." (Ron Hood, Ohio Legislator).

The coming years will be rough under obama but they would have been rough anyway. Let the democrats run their course and show the United States people what liberalism really is and how it doesn't work. Let the republicans see that we are tired of their neocon crap as well. Tea parties have been started and the politicians are seeing that we are tired of their agenda. We want conservatives in office, not wolves in sheeps clothing.

When you go to the polls, don't just vote for the republican to get the democrat out. Review the candidates and vote for the conservative. This is the real change this country is looking for.

Here in Texas we have a weak governor, perry, fighting a useless senator, hutchinson, for the governors chair. We also have an independent Debra Medina who i am pulling for. I like her views and her position on the issues I think are important. I was listening to a Q&A she was having and someone asked her if she would fight for the concealed carry law in Texas. She said no, Texans have the right to carry concealed without a stupid license. You go girl!!

Remember when you go to the polls to vote for a conservative who shares our beliefs and our way of life. Please don't just vote anyone but obama.


Tawna said...

I hope she wins. I love a woman with nerve.

Gregory_B said...

Your first "Quotable Quote" is attributed to Thomas Jefferson, but was really said by Gerald Ford. Check out http://wiki.monticello.org/mediawiki/index.php/Government_big_enough_to_supply_you