06 November 2009

Sex Offenders and zero tolerance, both bullshit

Before i say anything, please keep in mind that i DO NOT condone in any way shape or form adults having sexual relations with children. Those people who engage in sexual acts with kids should be tortured in my opinion. My bitch about sex offenses is the extremely wide net they cast.

For example, if a man were to be caught banging a sheep, goat, horse or cow, he would have to register as a sex offender. This is bullshit!! Buggery does not an offender make!

If you look at the sex offender tracking list for Texas, it just gives a name and an address. How do you know if the criminal was with a person or an animal? Rhetorical question, you can't. This is why i think the sex offender reigistry is broken and should be fixed or done away with.

Being listed as a sex offender is too easy now a days. It has gotten to be as bad as drunk driving. Here is another example:

A bunch of guys went to Buffalo Wild Wings one Friday after work. Thye were having a few beers and the men's restroom had to be closed for a couple of hours. The line at the women's bathroom was very long so a guy goes in the alley behind a garbage dumpster to answer natures call. It was dark and he was concealing himself. A family walks by him and calls the cops. Because their was a small child with the family, his public indecency turns out to be a sex offense. Now he has to register as a sex offender. This is bullshit!!

This is exactly what happens when a society does away with common sense and adopts a ZERO Tolerance policy. People don't or can't make intelligent decisions so they defer to ZERO tolerance. This is bullshit!!

If a Boy Scout were to bring his Knife to school to show his friends and was caught with it, he would have to be expelled. Why? He meant no harm. He just wanted to show off his knife that he earned in the Boy Scouts. They would expel him because of the ZERO tolerance policy. So why can't the principal realize that there was no harm done and just talk to the kid?

The reason is because when Jamal brings a 9mm to school and threatens to kill someone, his mother will complain that little Boy Scout didn't get suspended so Jamal shouldn't get suspended as well. So, to avoid being called a racist, they suspend everyone. Zero tolerance is a copout for people who don't have any balls.

It is time for us to stand up and say enough! Let's do away with the stupid laws and pass real laws that make sense.


Anonymous said...

You're absolutely correct, Ray. People want cut-and-dried, hard-and-fast, black-and-white delineations that eliminate and defeat any attempt to interject thought and consideration into the process. My oldest son; consistently an honor-roll student who was never EVER a discipline problem at school, was given a three day suspension in 4th Grade and a mandarory session with the school psychologist because he was drawing a stick-figure comic strip in which he drew himself decapitating a girl from his class. She was a friend of his, and was actually helping draw the comic! Even the principal admitted that the entire debacle was idiotic, but his hands were tied because of the zero-tolerance policy.

Jon said...

Damn straight, Ray. If it's a requirement that we must notify society of our greatest threats, then politicians, whether current or former, should be registered.