21 October 2008

I made it

I am back from my yearly pilgrimage to Louisiana for hunting season. This year was bittersweet. I hadn't been home since Ruth died and i new that people would offer their condolences. I wanted to go home but i didn't want to deal with everyone. You take the good with the bad i guess.

It was a typical year. Lots of beer drinking, 4-wheeling and bullshitting. My nephew cooked a catfish courtboullion this year. He is one damn fine cook at 17 years old.

I showed up with 5 30 packs of beer, we bought 3 more cases and two bottles of Ameretta. It took 2 days to sober up. That is the #1 reason my jeep is no longer running.

We were down at dead mans creek and their is a set of ramps to drive the ATV's across. My Brother decided that only pussies need the rails. Real men can cross the creek. After we crossed it in the ATV's we decide to try it with the jeeps. Big mistake.

I shattered a universal joint trying to get across that damn thing. Oh, it was about midnight when we tried this. We tow the jeep back to camp and the next day i replace the U-Joint.

The drive shaft later kept throwing the U-Joint so i changed the sleeves that hold them. That stopped the problem. Here is a little hint, if you shatter a rear U-Joint, check your front shaft. Good advice.

I didn't and i happened to bend my front drive shaft to where it looked like an S. Later the next day i was crossing another creek and twisted the rear shaft in two pieces. Not a good day for my jeep. Oh well, that is the price of fun.

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